Can I use my Planter account on multiple devices?

You can use Planter on as many devices as you like! You can also share your account with family and friends, to work on the same garden from your own devices.

To use your Planter account on more than one device, start by verifying whether you are logged in on your current device:

  1. Select More from the menu bar then select Settings

    Screenshot of the More menu option

    Screenshot of the Settings menu option

  2. Validate that you are logged in to Planter with the correct email address; if not, select Login

    Screenshot of the login option in settings

  3. Enter the email address and password for your Planter account, then select Sign in (or, login using your Google or Facebook account)

    Screenshot of the login screen

Follow steps 1-3 above using the same credentials to log in on as many additional devices as you like!