How do I customize my garden?

Customize your garden in Planter by adding raised beds, containers, mulch, and more!

Screenshot of a customized garden in Planter

  1. In the garden, long press on a single square to bring up multi-select mode, then select all the squares to be customized

    Screenshot of a garden with multiple squares selected

  2. With the squares selected, select the palette icon Palette icon  to customize the background (grass, stone, mulch) and foreground (raised bed edging, containers, hoses)Screenshot of the palette icon in the Gardens view

    Screenshot of background and foreground customization selectorsScreenshot of a garden with mulch background and raised bed foreground

  3. Select the Rotate icon to rotate foreground elements:

    Screenshot of the hose foreground selected

To reset your garden background:

  1. Select the square(s) to be changed
  2. Select the palette icon Palette icon
  3. Choose a new background and foreground, or leave the background and foreground empty to clear all customizations