How can I customize plant care information?

Quickly customize plant spacing

  1. On the How to Grow tab, select the Spacing card under Quick Info

    Screenshot of Spacing Quick Info card for beets

  2. Tap the pencil icon Pencil icon

    Screenshot of the edit plant spacing window

  3. Drag the slider to increase or decrease the per-square-foot spacing, then select Okay

    Screenshot of slider to adjust spacing and the Okay button

    Screenshot of the plant spacing for beets edited to 8 per square foot

Customize How to Grow information

  1. Select Plants from the menu bar
    Screenshot of Planter menu with Plants selected

  2. Find the plant you want to edit

  3. Long press on the plant, then select, Edit

    Screenshot of a dropdown menu with the option to Edit a plant

  4. Adjust the information to your liking, then Select Save

    Screenshot of the plant editing screen with the Save button