How do I mark a variety as a favorite?

Mark varieties as favorites to make them easier to find!

  1. Select a plant, then select the Varieties tab

    Screenshot of the Varieties tab for tomatoes

  2. Find the varieties(s) you want to mark as favorites

  3. To see more varieties at once, change the viewChange view icon  to Dense

    Screenshot of the Dense variety view

  1. Favorite varieties by selecting the heart iconHeart icon  beside them

    Screenshot of a plant variety with the heart icon selected

  2. To see the varieties you have marked as favorites, find the plant in the Plants list then either select the Down arrowDropdown arrow icon  below the plant, or select the plant and filterFilter icon  the Varieties tab for Favorites:

    Screenshot of the variety dropdown arrow underneath tomatoes

    Screenshot of a dropdown menu showing favorite plant varieties

    Screenshot of the favorite filter for varieties

    Screenshot of a list of favorited tomato varieties