How do I add plants to my garden?

Ready to get planning? Planter makes it easy to find plants and add them to your garden!

Add a plant to a garden square

  1. In the garden, select the + Add Plants button

    Screenshot of a garden with the Add Plants button

  2. SortSort icon  and filterFilter icon  to organize and narrow down the list of plants, and use search to look for a specific plant

    Screenshot of the plant search bar

    Screenshot of plant sorting options

    Screenshot of plant filter options

    Screenshot of plant search for carrots

  3. Long press on the plant you want to add, then hold and drag it onto the desired garden square

    Screenshot of carrots being added to a garden

Add a plant to multiple garden squares

  1. To quickly add the same plant to multiple garden squares, select the quick plant iconQuick Plant icon  before adding plants

    Screenshot of Quick Plant mode being enabled

  2. Hold and drag the plant onto desired garden square, then continue selecting squares to add more of the same plant

  3. Select Close icon  to stop quick planting

    Screenshot of the exit Quick Plant icon