Quick Start

This guide shows you how to create your first garden and add plants.

For more detailed information, please use the navigation menu or search bar.

Creating your first garden

  1. Tap the “+ New Garden” button
  2. Enter the garden name
  3. Enter the dimensions of the garden. Note that the size is limited, since large gardens can lead to slow performance on some devices.

Hint: You can switch between imperial and metric units in Settings

Interacting with your garden

  • Use two fingers and pinch to zoom in or out
  • When zoomed in, use a single finger to pan
  • Tap on a plant to view it
  • Long-press on a square and release to select it. This will bring you into multi-select mode, where you can select additional squares before selecting an action.

Adding plants to the garden

  1. Tap the “+ Add Plants” button
  2. Find the plant you’d like to add in the list. You can search or filter the list.
  3. Optionally, select the variety of the plant by tapping the drop-down icon (see Varieties documentation for more info)
  4. Long-press on the plant to drag-and-drop it into your garden.
  • The final location of the plant will be highlighted. If any existing plants overlap, they’ll be highlighted in red and will be deleted if you drop the plant.
  • If you change your mind and don’t want to drop the plant, drag it onto the garbage icon
  • Note: If the plant requires spacing larger than your garden, you won’t be able to drag-and-drop it.